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The Report Examining new trends in the breakfast market and the opportunities for food manufacturers provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants.

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The breakfast market of the next five years will differ significantly from that of a few years ago, as consumer attitudes to what to eat, when, where, and how are changing rapidly. This evolution has seen the growing prevalence of convenient offerings, aimed at those living busy lives and who are pushed for time in the morning. Health needs are also being emphasized more by specialists, and consumers are monitoring their intake of ‘bad-for-you’ products more closely, looking to make a healthier start to the day. Having said this, the taste aspect still remains important, especially for children, who want the tastiest and most indulgent products.

Key Findings

The cereal bars and energy bars categories should be targeted by manufacturers due to current low levels of consumption in developing countries. Manufacturers can emphasize the convenience aspect of such products as they can be consumed on-the-go, helping those with busy lives
On weekends, in particular, consumers can take the time to fully enjoy their morning meal, with variety and novelty replacing the usual weekday routine. Consumers are significantly less likely to skip the morning meal during the weekends than during the week
The health implications of breakfast products, especially those high in sugar and artificial ingredients, come later on in life, with kids focusing on the taste and indulgence aspect of products
Convenience, more than health or taste, will be the most important aspect of the Breakfast market over the next few years. Manufacturers are responding with compact pack formats, which aid consumption on-the-go. Tasty breakfast alternatives, such as cereal bars, are also set to grow in demand

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Retired consumers are least likely to skip breakfast, whether it’s on the weekend or a weekday. These consumers should be targeted with healthy products, but those that still keep taste and indulgence as a core need state

The “Examining new trends in the breakfast market and the opportunities for food manufacturers” report by Canadean shows the best opportunities in the breakfast market by looking at how consumer needs change by age in five core consumer need states: taste, health, convenience, ethics, and free-from. Convenience is fast becoming an important consideration, and for some consumers, due to their busy lives, is the key motivator. For others, such as kids, taste and indulgence remain the most important factors.

What else does this report offer?

Splits consumers into different age groups to provide a more holistic and complete understanding of what motivates them in each respective consumer need state
Provides recommendations that will help manufacturers better meet the consumer need state
Case studies examining the approach retailers and CPG brands have taken when it comes to trying to enhance or meet consumer demand in areas such as taste and health
Product examples showing how innovation leaders are successfully targeting shoppers

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Know what new opportunities you should target in the Breakfast market, and what changes you need to make to your product or brand in order to pursue them
Gain an insight into what motivates consumer behavior in the Breakfast market, and what trends are likely to influence future behavior
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