Global Parkinson's Disease Market to Witness Introduction of Novel Treatments due to Rising Number of First-in-class Targets

Global Parkinson's Disease Market to Witness Introduction of Novel Treatments due to Rising Number of First-in-class Targets: MarketResearchReports.Biz

A new research report, titled “Frontier Pharma: Parkinson’s disease - Identifying and Commercializing First-In-Class Innovation,” has been recently added by to its comprehensive collection of research studies. The research report talks about the global PD market, emphasizing on the development of innovative therapeutics for curing Parkinson’s. The research study has further provided a detailed analysis of the first-in-class targets and the potential chance of them being transformed into novel treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the nervous system of the human body. It is known as a progressive disorder in which the movement gets affected severely. Parkinson’s disease develops gradually, starting from minor tremors in just one hand and leading to complete stiffness or slowing of movement over time. Some of the major symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are tremors, bradykinesia (slowed movement), rigid muscles, impaired posture and balance, loss of automatic movements, speech changes, and writing changes.

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Parkinson’s disease stands at the second position of the most common neurodegenerative diseases, after Alzheimer’s disease. The research report further provides the classification of the different stages of PD into Hoehn and Yahr scale, unified PD rating scale, assessment scale for determining positive symptoms, and finally mini mental state examination. Presently, active research activities include the search for new animal models of PD and analyzing the potential usefulness of stem cell transplants, gene therapy, and neuroprotective agents.

The precise factors causing Parkinson’s disease have not been determined till date. Nevertheless, scientists and researchers are taking constant efforts to invent an effective cure for this condition and numerous therapeutic treatments are being developed across the globe. The global market for Parkinson’s disease offers several anti-PD treatment options that provide symptomatic relief. Levodopa is considered as one of the top therapies available in the global market, with other drug classes comprising monoamine oxidase B (MAO-B) and dopamine agonists inhibitors, which are also used to treat the early and advanced stages of Parkinson’s disease.

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With constant research activities undertaken on a global level and technological developments in the overall medicine industry, understanding of the procedures involved in neurodegeneration has been extended. Also, the knowledge concerning the neuroanatomy of basal ganglia, which is a key factor for analyzing the causes of PD, is being highly developed.

According to the research report, a high level of innovation in PD therapeutics is expected in the near future. Presently, around 121 first-in-class programs are acting on 57 unique molecular targets. In the late-stage PD pipeline, neuromodulatory targets are expected to remain in the leading position in the next few years.

The research study helps the readers in understanding the present commercial and clinical landscape by analyzing the proposed pathogenic processes underlying PD diagnosis, neurodegeneration, prognosis, and the existing treatment options.