Mass Affluent Investors: Investment Market,Trends, Size & Share

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The mass affluent have extremely varied investment tastes and behaviors, but the strong preference for ultra-safe deposits is clear. Wealth managers will need to offer a diversity of simple investment products and even plain-term deposits, while being able to address clients' illiquid wealth tied up in government-advantaged savings schemes and products.


Interpret the investment portfolios of mass affluent investors through detailed asset allocation analysis.

Quantify the business opportunity in cultivating the mass affluent investor.

Evaluate product and service demand among mass affluent investors, from investment management to banking and insurance services.

Reasons To Buy

Which investments make up an average mass affluent investment portfolio?

How do mass affluent investment portfolios differ from those of retail market or HNW investors?

What business mix can be expected from a mass affluent client base?

What are the key investment and banking products that wealth managers need to offer mass affluent clients?

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Key Highlights

A mass affluent program must be more than a glorified rewards program for lucrative retail clients. Being able to advise on clients' investments and long-term financial goals should form the cornerstone of any program.

While wealth managers need to be ready to offer investment advice to mass affluent clients, catering to the entire market means offering self-directed options to the 20% who self-direct. This should not preclude financial planning discussions, however.

The bulk of mass affluent wealth is held in deposits, serving short-term goals. For private wealth managers that are part of a wider banking group this will be easy to accommodate. For pure-play asset managers, custody relationships with banks should include the ability to offer a range of accounts.


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