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MarketResearchReports.Biz announces addition of new report "RORgamma Modulators 2016: A comparative analysis of the landscape of RORgamma antagonists and agonists" to its database. has announced that it now carries a report titled, ‘RORgamma Modulators 2016: A Comparative Analysis Of The Landscape Of RORgamma Antagonists And Agonists.’ The report, prepared by a team of experts in the field, will serve as tool that enables companies with business interests in this area to make better informed decisions.

RAR-related orphan receptor gamma (ROR?) is classified as a protein and it is encoded by the gene, RAR-related orphan receptor C, which is abbreviated as RORC. The present report delves upon the following factors: the target RORgamma, the up-side indications and clinical lead, various drug delivery strategies being deployed in this field, the entire timeline of R&D programs ranging from the screening state to first-in-human tests, as well as programs of un-partnered pharmaceutical companies.

The report begins with an introduction to RORgamma and then offers insight into the target background. Following this, the report moves on to details about target validation as well as approaches and technologies used for drug discovery. On the target validation front, the report gives readers detailed information pertaining to instances where clinical success has been reported in anti-IL17 antibodies, target validations that are non-clinical in nature, clinical lead indication pertaining to RORgamma antagonists, and potential safety concerns.

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A comprehensive review of the competitive landscape that has developed in the RORgamma modulators market over the years forms an especially important aspect of the report. This section helps stakeholders understand which companies have secured a competitive advantage in the market and what that advantage exactly is. Based on their end-use, the market report studies the RORgamma antagonists for inflammatory as well as autoimmune diseases of various types. The report also studies the same for cancer treatment therapeutics.

According to the report, over 30 companies are currently actively engaged in drug discovery as well as development. There are a few companies that boast expertise on the technology that helps discover drugs that work on nuclear hormone receptors. It is such companies that have had a chance to partner with large biotech companies and those in the Big Pharma league. The chances of securing such a partnership spike higher if these technology companies have been successful in identifying novel scaffolds pertaining to RORgamma antagonists.

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The report estimates that the market currently has over 10 such partnerships between tech and pharma companies. The success rate of such partnerships has not been disappointing, the report further states. According to the report, three examples of RORgamma antagonists are already reported to be under clinical development. More such developments are expected to be seen in 2016 and beyond.

Comprising 88 pages, the report also features as many as 16 tables to make for an easy-to-read format.