Population Health Management Industry To Grow Due To Rising Focus Of Consumers On Value-Based Medicines: MarketResearchReports.Biz

MarketResearchReports.Biz has announced addition of new report "Global Population Health Management Industry 2015 Market Research Report" to its database.

MarketResearchReports.biz has added a new report, titled ‘Global Population Health Management Industry 2015 Market Research Report’, to its offering. This study throws light on the present and upcoming market prospects within the industry for population health management. The stakeholders of this industry comprise software companies, a number of intermediaries involved in population health management solutions, new entrants, and technology vendors. The report also presents data evaluation of the population health management industry with respect to the top market segments in terms of modes of operation, end users, and sources. In addition to this, all the segments are evaluated comprehensively for recent developments, opportunities, their future outlook, and market trends. In the last sections of the study, market attractiveness evaluation has also been presented for explaining the degree of competition amongst the prime market players operating in the population health management industry.

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The report’s overview section comprises basic information as well as the definition of population health management. Moving further, the classifications, characteristics, and definition of population health management have been presented under this study. As stated in the report, population health management is the application of interventions and strategies on defined groups of people for improving the individuals’ health in the group at the cheapest necessary cost. Population health management solutions utilize a business intelligence tool for the aggregation of data and present a detailed clinical scenario of every patient present within the group. By the utilization of this data, healthcare providers are able to track as well as improve the clinical outcomes.

Moving further, the report states that the rising focus of consumers on value-based medicines has fuelled the global industry for population health management. In addition, the globally rising aging population and the regulatory mandates posed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have also stimulated the growth of the population health management industry. On the other hand, patient information security is a key concern and this may restrain the growth of the market in forthcoming years.

In the next section of the report, the global and China population health management industries have been studied comprehensively. This part covers the global market’s development history as well as the competitive landscape evaluation of the industry. Moving further, the development status of the major regional segments and the market development trends have been covered for the global population health management industry. Likewise, the China population health management industry has been evaluated on the basis of its competitive landscape and the market’s development history. At the end of this section, comparison analysis has been provided for the global

The chief manufacturers mentioned in this report are McKesson, Verisk Health, Allscripts, i2i Systems, Health Catalyst, Healthagen, and Explorys, among others. These manufacturers have been studies in terms of their company profile, SWOT analysis, gross margins, and revenues.