Rethinking Handset Subsidies Market Research, Trends, Forecast

The Report Rethinking handset subsidies provides information on pricing, market analysis, shares, forecast, and company profiles for key industry participants. - Providing You Technology Market Research Report On "Rethinking Handset Subsidies"

What role do handsets play in telcos' strategies and in the value chain's evolution?

This report looks at how operators are grappling with the issue of handset subsidies
After providing a reminder of the main reasons these subsidies exist, we analyse how operators – now facing growing competition and a changing value chain – have redefined the role that handsets play in their strategies.

We will see how a paradigm shift has occurred in a matter of years, and how the status quo might evolve over the long term.

Table of Content

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Why subsidise?
3.1. The device as consumption facilitator
3.2. Supporting network development
3.3. Subsidies, commitment and retention

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4. A changing environment
4.1. The smartphone: an increasingly heavy burden for operators
4.2. The rise of no-contract plans
4.3. Supplier emancipation + the rise of OTT = the end of walled gardens

5. Player strategies in a whole new world: what are the alternatives?
5.1. Changing subsidy strategies
5.1.1. Lengthening contractual periods
5.1.2. Decreasing the size of subsidies
5.1.3. Resetting priorities: churn, retention and super buyers
5.2. Development of financing offers
5.2.1. Different types of loan
5.2.2. Handset leasing: the rise of "Device as a Service"
5.2.3. Offering special rates on plans rather than subsidising the handset
5.2.4. Case study: the United States
5.3. New challenges for handset suppliers
5.3.1. Impacting high-end products
5.3.2. New (local) players emerging
5.3.3. Revamping operator brand phones
5.3.4. What impact will 5G have on subsidies?