TV In The Digital Single Market

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Impact of current regulatory changes on the audiovisual value chain
The Digital Single Market, or DSM is one of the European Commission's (EC) ten priority projects.

This report intends to:

review the European Commission's strategy for the DSM and analyze the debates around the major challenges that this strategic project raises for the European audiovisual sector;
evaluate the potential effects of a change to the European regulatory framework on players in the audiovisual sector value chain;
propose scenarios for possible changes to the regulation of the European audiovisual sector and examine their impacts on the various categories of players concerned

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Table of Content

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Revision of the AVMS directive: major challenges of the DSM for the audiovisual sector
1.2. Potential impacts contrasted based on the players
1.3. Three change scenarios for regulations

2. Methodology

3. Ongoing discussions on the changing European regulatory framework
3.1. The will to create a Digital Single Market
3.1.1. Three pillars divided into 16 initiatives
3.1.2. Why a Digital Single Market?
3.2. Revision of the AVMS Directive
3.2.1. The key points of the Directive from the point of view of the audiovisual market
3.2.2. Transpositions into national heterogeneous laws
3.2.3. Discussion terms
3.3. The fight against geo-blocking and copyright reform
3.3.1. The current situation
3.3.2. Discussion terms
3.4. Digital Single Market and electronic communications

4. What are the potential impacts to players in the audiovisual value chain?
4.1. Producers / rights holders
4.2. Broadcasters
4.3. On-Demand AVMS publishers
4.4. Distributors of audiovisual services
4.5. Consumers